Some Simple Exercises That Are Really Fun

Exercise9. Explore Your Local Neighborhood

Getting out there and walking your local neighborhood is a wonderful way to actually check out the best real estate in your area. On top of that you can get a really great workout, which will help clear your mind and relax you of all the stress that you experienced during the day.

Yes, after a while your own neighborhood may become boring so this is a good chance for you to get out and explore other surrounding areas. You can literally do this whenever you have a free moment in your schedule.

And don’t forget that you may find some real gems in terms of real estate in your local area.

8. Hike More Often

While a lot of you (like me) love to dedicate a whole day to actually getting out there and hiking the wilderness the vast majority of you just don’t have the time or the inclination to hike all day long.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a local hiking trail that you can go to every now and again. Often these are short and will get you all energetic afterwards. If you live in the inner city then a short brisk walk around your local park is a great alternative.

Believe me no only will you be getting an amazing workout but you will also be getting a good source of the much needed vitamin D.

If you really want to get healthy in the shortest possible time then I’d recommend you do a 20 minute hike as often as you possibly can. This will really get your body to get into great health really fast.

7. Play Some Beach Games

If you are lucky enough to be down at the beach then buy a few beach games such as Nerf balls, Frisbees and other fun sports equipment you can have some active fun with while you with your mates.

If you can get down to the beach every week, then pretty soon you will be having a ton of fun and you won’t even realise that you’re getting an amazing workout from throwing around a Frisbee.

Believe me the more you in grain into your mind the reality that exercise is something that can be extremely enjoyable and fun the more you are going to want to do it every single day.

6. Have Fun With Your Kids

Believe me one of life’s small pleasures is to have some good quality time with your children.

Toss a football about, go swimming at your local pool, have a little water balloon fight in your back garden, have a little pillow fight. Whatever you and the kids enjoy to do, just do it.

Believe me when you actively engage in some sort of activity with your kids you won’t even know but hours will pass and you will have got an intense workout from it.

5. Move The Furniture Around

Moving your furniture around is not only great for your physical health but it will refresh you mentally as well.

Now this isn’t something that you would engage in every single week but believe me doing it once it a while will put you in a better frame of mind mentally and help you get a great workout. Just try it and see for yourself.

When you are moving all the furniture around you are literally getting the same sort of workout that you would be getting if you were down at the gym lifting hard and heavy.

4. Walk Around The Local Shopping Mall

If you happen to want to go shopping or just love to window shop then this is a great way to get a quality workout in. All you need to do is take a pedometer with you and make sure that you walk at least 2-3 miles before coming home.

Often times I get emails from people asking me what are the most effective exercises they can perform and often these same people assume that exercise can only be hard and difficult to do.

The reality is quite different. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise that you can engage in and possibly one of the most natural.

3. Wash Your Cars

Why not have some quality family time once a week where you all get together and wash the cars. Scrubbing that car clean is a wonderful way to really get in a quality upper body workout in.

2. Create an Event Out Of Spring Cleaning

Is it that time of year where you are going to have to get up on the roof to really gives those drains a nice scrubbing? Well, why not actually create an event out of it and try to clean out as many drains as you possibly can. Not only will you be having a lot more fun but you will get a lot more work done.

You could even partner up with the people of your neighborhood where you can dedicate a few weekends to actually clearing and cleaning out everyone’s homes really thoroughly.

1. Walk and Explore Your Town/City

Do you have a really active and lively part of town or city where you live?

The reality is that most of us could really walk that much more, and you can definitely get more of this done while checking out all the best markets, shops and fun places to be. The bonus is that you can enjoy watching people when you’re out and about.

You see working out doesn’t have to be all hard and tough. I would rather be down at the beach having fun than working with weights down at the gym anyway!

What are your favorite ways of working out in a fun and engaging way? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to check out the Fat Loss Factor

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