Simple Ways To Reduce Calories

Reduce CaloriesYou will come to realize the moment you begin to lose a lot of weight down the road, is the fact that the most important aspect of losing weight is not how much you put in your stomach, but what you put in your stomach. But of course there is some importance to how much you put in your stomach, especially when you are trying to lose weight.

While a nice grass fed steak is one of the best sources of food that you can put into your stomach, the truth is that you shouldn’t be eating it three times a day!

Keeping a balance on the amount of food that you consume is the key to not only losing weight and getting into great shape, but to also help you get into amazing overall health.

That is the most wonderful thing about eating healthy and nutritious foods every single day. Not only do you get to eat foods that taste amazing, but they also help you stay full and feel good.

If you’ve been following the diet principles as laid out in the Fat Loss Factor guidebook, then you will have covered exactly what you need to eat, and ultimately you will be eating to really give your body exactly what it has been designed to eat in the first place.

Yet there may be some of you out there that have a little muffin top or beer belly that you are going to want to get rid of. For you guys knowing how much to eat in a day is important.

So to give you an example of the grass fed steak. While it is really great for your health and will help you get all the nutrients that you need in a meal, you only ever need a few ounces of it at a time.

Yes, eating healthy is extremely important but if you are serious about shedding the excess fat then it is important that you cut down the calories.

Here are some simple tips you can implement to cut the amount of calories that you consume in any given day:

1. Reduce The Meat Portions By Half

Yes, while getting in a good amount of protein every single day is essential, more often than not we end up eating a little too much meat.

This rule is especially true when you head out to eat at a restaurant. You will have also noticed that the portion sizes of meat are really big these days, even the ones that you find down at the supermarket.

The main emphasis should be on the quality and taste of the meat and not the amount you are eating.

2. Drop The Excess Toppings

Everyday for lunch I love to have a really big salad that is stuffed full of different ingredients.

Its best to include toppings such really low calorie vegetables and  a little bit protein on top of that, instead of adding fried, calorie rich toppings that most people are used to consuming.

If you want to lose weight quickly then you should stack your salads with vegetables and not things like cheeses and nuts.

3. Stop Eating Starchy Vegetables

If you are already in the best shape of your life then eating things like sweet potatoes and yams are absolutely okay.

However, if you are looking to lose weight then you need to stop eating these types of foods because they are quite rich in calories in comparison to simple vegetables.

4. Reduce The Amount of Legumes You Eat

The great thing about legumes such as peas, chickpeas and kidney beans is the fact that they contain plenty of healthy vitamins and fibre.

On top of that they are a rich source of protein and contain some really healthy fats, but you need to realize that they are extremely calorie rich.

So if you are absolutely serious about losing weight then I’d recommend that you avoid these legumes or at least cut the portion size in half.

5. Stick To Eating 1 Snack a Day

Snacks these days can often contain the same amount of calories as a small meal, especially when you are snacking on things like cheese and nuts.

Yes, you can grab a few pieces but anymore and you will literally be eating a meals worth of calories. Just stop snacking and focus on eating real meals.

6. Replace All Fruit With Vegetables

The thing about fruits is that they contain a lot of sugars, which is all fine and dandy when you consume them in small amounts. But the reality is that fruits contain a lot more calories than vegetables which is why if you are looking to lose weight you are going to want to replace all the fruit with your favorite vegetables.

7. Use Less Oil When Cooking Food

Yes, you are probably used to pouring plenty of oil into the pan when you are cooking but if you want to lose weight then you should reduce it to only a tablespoon of oil for every meal you make.

As your body adjusts to the new way of eating, you will be able to add more and more oil because your metabolism will be at an all time high. But until then stick to lower amounts of oil.

8. Stick To Drinking Water

Believe me you really want to make sure that you never drink your calories because that is a sure fire way to just gain weight. If you really want to lose weight you need to drink water and stick to that.

You should also limit the amount of alcohol, dairy and fruit juices that you drink in any given day.

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