Tips To Get Your Friends and Family To Lose Weight

Friends and FamilySo you’ve finally changed your life around and have begun to enjoy a healthy way of living. You’re used to jumping out of bed every morning and going out for a brisk walk (or whatever other workout that you love), eat a nice, healthy and nutritious breakfast and then get on with getting things done the rest of the day.

However your friends and family are still used to sleeping well into the morning, waking up and struggling to get down to the coffee shop after which they come back home to watch TV all day or go to work where they struggle to get the minimum amount of work done.

But they’ve seen you change for the better and now are asking for help to get them to live a more active and healthy lifestyle in order that they may get more out of life like you are.

And while this may feel great to know that your friends and family want to live like you, the reality is that it can be a really big struggle to motivate them to get up and do the things that you tell them to do.

To help you get your friends and family on the right track without you ending up wanting to chew your own hand off, here are some tips to help you out:

1. Never Give Advice Unless You’re Asked

Yes, it is true that you may be bursting full of energy and wanting to share this new way of life with all your friends and family in the hope that they too jump on board, but believe me you should never part with advice unless you are asked to do so. Nobody likes that one friend who keeps begging them to join them in their new healthy way of life.

This isn’t motivating at all and will just strain your friendship for the worse. You will likely end up losing your mate, and you will not have even motivated him to get healthier in the process.

2. Be The Example

The truth is that your friend will only ever come to you for advice if they know that you have already achieved what it is they want to accomplish in the area of health and fitness.

You should then actually play this to your advantage. Be the best example of a healthy individual so that you can inspire your friend even more.

A good example of this is when you go out to a local restaurant with your friends and family. Instead of ordering something that is terrible for your health, order the healthiest option off the menu. This will encourage your friend or family member further and make them want to move toward your way of life.

You see the more you show your friends and family that being healthy doesn’t mean you are compromising on the quality of your life, the more likely it is they will come on board with you.

3. Pay Attention

The truth is that we would be living in heaven if people just told you exactly what they were thinking. But the reality is that we live in a world where most of your friends and family will never directly ask for you health advice.

Instead they are more than likely to start poking questions here and there about your new lifestyle. Wanting to know exactly what you eat, when you eat, where you go gym, how often you work out etc.

When you hear your friends and family ask these sorts of questions you should take this as a signal that they are interested in improving their way of life. This means you should start to give them specific advice on how they can improve certain areas of their own life in order to get into great shape.

4. Share The Struggle

The reality is that you were not born a fitness guru but instead you slowly but surely over a long period of time have taken enough consistent action to get the results you want.

In reality your journey was not a smooth one. No journey ever is, and there will have been points where you were on the verge of giving up, but somehow you mustered enough energy to keep plodding on.

Whatever it is that you did to keep going that is what you need to share with your friends and family. Don’t do them the injustice of only sharing your successes, making it look all easy because this will only make them want to give up that much easier when they are on their own weight loss journey.

Show them that the beauty of losing weight is in the struggle.

Not only will your friends and family love you that much more because everyone loves that guy or gal who is able to keep going regardless of the obstacles that they face, but they will appreciate that you are honest with them in what they have to do in order to get results.

5. Become a Source Of Knowledge

Once your friends or family are ready to get on board and start living a more healthier life then you need to get in there and share all the advice you think will help out… but ensure that you are subtle about it.

Don’t feel that you have to be the only source of knowledge that they have access to. Instead give them different sources of knowledge that you feel will be able to help them further, such as this site :)

While there are literally 10’s of millions of health and fitness blogs out there it is really important that you guide them to those resources that will help them understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and exactly what they need to do in order to get results.

6. Remain Positive

While pain and suffering is a great little motivator to keep a person on the right track to losing weight, it only really works when it’s given by a health professional such as a doctor. If your doctor were to tell your friend that he needs to lose weight or he will be dead in a year, then it is very likely that your friend will jump into action immediately.

But when it comes to you giving advice, it is best if you remain positive at all times.

You should encourage your friends and family by helping them understand and acknowledge all the great benefits that they experience when they eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis. Such as that of having a lot of energy throughout the day, or perhaps relate to them the feeling of how amazing it will be to get into those pair of jeans you haven’t been able to fit in for 10 years.

The truth is having a positive attitude when it comes to health is the best way you can keep your friends motivated and on the right track.

7. Be Sure To Celebrate

So your friend or family member finally took your advice and began to take massive action every single day. They kept up the consistent effort and finally they have been able to get their life to come around. They are living and breathing a healthy way of life. They finally achieved what they wanted, so be sure to celebrate their victory.

Now you don’t have to go all out and become extravagant or anything, just a few simple words of encouragement and a meal is a nice way to celebrate your friends or families success.

So there you have it some useful tips that will help to motivate any of your friends and family that are interested in living a healthier lifestyle.

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