Secrets To Burning Fat Without Losing Muscle Mass

Lose Fat, Keep MuscleThe term losing weight is a very vague statement at best.

It’s a term that just isn’t specific enough. If you are a person that sets a goal to lose weight, what exactly is it you want to lose? Are you trying to reduce bone density? Or muscle mass? Or reduce the weight of your organs?

Obviously not, most people out there who say they want to lose weight actually want to get rid of the excess body fat they carry on their person. Most people just want to lose fat without damaging or harming any other part of their bodies. A far better goal would be say… how to lose belly fat in a week.

Ultimately the vast majority of people actually want to lose fat and not muscle mass.

The problem with some of the most popular diets out there today is the fact that most of them result in a person not only losing fat but also a lot of muscle.

Doing things such as running for hours on end, eating low fat/low calorie diets can often give a person such results.

Yes, while some of these popular diets will help you lose weight quickly, the truth is that the vast majority of the weight you lose will actually be your muscle and not the excess fat.

But if you like skinny person with a little belly look then by all means those diets are perfect for you.

You will see the pounds go down when you get on the scale but believe me you will not have much muscle mass left.

Is that the kind of look you really want? Wouldn’t you rather look strong and lean? Wouldn’t you want to have a body that allows you to move with speed, have ample amounts of power and strength and actually look great naked?

Ultimately if you want to get into great shape, you want to lose as much fat as possible while keeping or even increasing the amount of muscle that you have. Even if you don’t care about muscle, you need it, to keep burning the fat.

In reality your muscles require a lot of energy to keep going. Not only do they need plenty of protein and fat to keep going, but they also need a top up of glycogen every now and again to keep running smoothly.

The biggest energy consumers are the organs and the brain after which come the muscles, so ultimately it means that the more muscle you have on your body, the more fat you are going to effectively burn.

It really is a beautiful cycle, because you just need to be doing the right workouts and it will lead you to keep your muscle while at the same time burn the excess body fat you have. And as your muscle mass grows and your body fat decreases you are going to be able to do more of the exercises you need to do to stay in shape.

The best way to make sure that you are losing fat and not muscle is to actually track the progress that you are making. And I’m afraid it’s not as simple as jumping on a scale.

The truth is you need not bother with scales from now on. It really will not be useful in your goals to lose fat and keep muscle.

The only things you need from now on in order to measure your weight loss progress are your eyes, ears, belts and weights.

1. Eyes

Seriously look at yourself. But avoid looking at yourself in the mirror. The best thing to do is to actually get naked right down to your underpants and then take some pictures. You should do this at least every week.

Believe me you won’t see much of a difference in the beginning so you really shouldn’t obsess over the minor changes in your body.

But leaving a week between pictures will give you enough of a time difference to see the progress that you’re making.

The things that you are looking out for are random lumps, flabby chests, lose underarms… all these are signs that you are storing fat and losing muscle mass.

2. Ears

If you are losing fat and maintaining muscle mass then the people around you will notice it. If you are getting good results someone will notice and compliment you on the results you are getting.

These compliments mean that you’re on the right track.

If people other than your Mom actually tell you that you’re looking healthier and fitter then see it as a sign that you are taking the right actions and are on the path to actually getting into amazing shape fast.

3. Belts

The great news is that if you are losing fat and keeping muscle mass you should notice your jeans getting looser and looser over time. If you notice that you are having to use that extra notch on your belt or perhaps buy a completely new belt then see it as a sign that you’re doing well.

4. Weights

Another great way to make sure that you never lose muscle mass is to ensure that you track the progress you make with your weight lifting routine.

If you are losing muscle then you will notice that your strength will also have decreased. So if you are noticing that your strength has been slowly but surely decreasing over then it is a sure sign that you are losing a significant amount of muscle mass.

Another sign is if you aren’t able to do the same number of pull ups and push ups as before.

On top of these methods, you can opt to get your body fat percentage tested but I think the above methods are a lot more fun!

So now you know how to measure whether you are losing fat or muscle… but then what exactly should you start to do?

In terms of diet and exercise you should focus eating whole, natural foods, that means mostly vegetables with a little bit of lean meat. In terms of exercise you should focus on lifting weights while doing lots and lots of walking.

Here are some specific tips you can implement to help ensure that you avoid muscle loss and maintain fat loss:


Fasting is probably one of the best things you are ever going to do in order to make sure that you lose fat and keep muscle.

The great thing about fasting is that it will help to increase how sensitive your body is to insulin (which is wonderful for fat loss), increase the production of growth hormone and overall help your body to burn more fat.

There really is no disadvantage to fasting. It’s the perfect solution that anyone can implement to help their body to lose fat and maintain muscle.

Stop Doing Excessive Cardio

Yes, while most of you may believe that doing cardio constantly is a great way to lose weight, the reality is quite different. Doing excessive cardio will just result in your body eating away at your muscle mass.

If you are used to exercising way too much this is going to result in your body releasing a hormone that is known as Cortisol. This is a stress hormone which can be extremely damaging to your health when it is released on a regular basis.

Ultimately cortisol will cause your body to eat away at your muscles and help your body to store as much fat as it possibly can.

Try To Sprint Now and Again

The great thing about sprinting every now and again is that it will cause your body to increase the amount of growth hormone that it produces which will ultimately result in you losing more body fat while maintaining lean muscle mass.

So try to sprint every week or so, and you will notice that you will be getting into shape really quickly.

Lift Weights

If you don’t lift weights then you are going to end up losing the muscle mass that you’ve built up. Lifting is essential if you want to maintain muscle mass, but even more important if you want to grow muscle.

Lifting weights will help you increase the density of your bones, and help you to maintain or grow muscle.

The great thing about lifting really heavy weights is that you will cause your body to produce more growth hormone which is an essential component in getting your body to burn fat and maintain muscle.

So I really hope this short guide has helped you in getting a better understanding of how you can lose fat and still maintain muscle. Implementing the tips I’ve shared with you here today will ultimately help you to lose fat and while keeping all the muscle you want… which will of course result in you looking amazing naked :)

Simple Tips To Help You Avoid Temptation

Avoid Temptation1. Drink Water

A lot of the times when you feel like you need to eat something sweet, your body is just in need for some water. So next time your hand is moving toward the direction of eating some junk foods, try changing direction toward drinking a glass of water. Most of the time you will be surprised to know that you no longer feel like eating the junk foods. Another way you can get truly exceptional results is just by taking the time to Send flowers to the people that mean the most to you!

2. Free Your Environment From All Temptations

Believe me if you are sitting down at home watching some TV, and you know that your kitchen cupboards are full of sweets and other deserts, then you will eventually end up gorging on all that junk food, regardless of how strong your will power is.

The simplest way to overcome your urge of wanting to eat some junk food is to just avoid being in an environment where you can easily get your hands on it. Don’t use other people as an excuse because they will be much better off without the junk as well!

While it may be harder to control what sort of food enters your workplace, the reality is quite different at home. You have complete control over your home environment, so you really don’t have an excuse to bring in any sort of temptation.

One great tip for the workplace is to encourage your boss to only allow water and low calorie snacks into the workplace instead of the calorie rich stuff like donuts etc.

If you work at a company that happens to serve up lunch, you should ask them to serve up healthier meals. And when you feel tempted to snack on a piece of junk at the vending machine, you should aim to go for a packet of nuts rather than a bar of snickers.

3. Snack on Fruit or Nuts

You should never go without food for so long that it causes your blood sugar levels to get extremely low. This is just setting yourself up to gorge on sugary processed junk foods. Being hungry is going to make it that much more tempting to eat something that is sugary and calorie rich.

So to prevent this kind of situation, you should always have some fruit, or nuts on hand so that whenever you do feel peckish you can snack on a piece of these healthy treats.

The great thing about snack foods like fruit and nuts is that they are plentiful in things like fiber and vitamins which will help you feel full for a longer period of time. The bonus is that the nuts also contain plenty of healthy proteins and fat.

4. Try Brushing Your Teeth

The truth is that many of the times when we feel really hungry it is because we are bored. A good way to prevent yourself on junking out is to keep your mouth and hands busy… perhaps by engaging in an act such as brushing your teeth.

While this is not going to completely cure you of wanting junk foods, it will help to pass some time and prevent you from thinking about going through your fridge and kitchen cupboards trying to find a bar of snickers to munch on.

5. Keep Telling Yourself That The Junk Will Not Go Anywhere

The beauty of living in the modern world is the fact that food is available in abundant supplies, so there is never a need to store it.

So this means that you need to stop buying things with the just in case mentality. The truth is that every time you pass the junk food section in the supermarket you need to keep telling yourself that there is no need to get it just now because, it will still be there the next time you come in.

Yes, on that occasional basis you should pick up a couple of cookies to satisfy those cravings, but the majority of the time you need to tell yourself that you can always get it next time. This is a really effective tip for overcoming many of the temptations you see on a daily basis.

Tips To Get Your Friends and Family To Lose Weight

Friends and FamilySo you’ve finally changed your life around and have begun to enjoy a healthy way of living. You’re used to jumping out of bed every morning and going out for a brisk walk (or whatever other workout that you love), eat a nice, healthy and nutritious breakfast and then get on with getting things done the rest of the day.

However your friends and family are still used to sleeping well into the morning, waking up and struggling to get down to the coffee shop after which they come back home to watch TV all day or go to work where they struggle to get the minimum amount of work done.

But they’ve seen you change for the better and now are asking for help to get them to live a more active and healthy lifestyle in order that they may get more out of life like you are.

And while this may feel great to know that your friends and family want to live like you, the reality is that it can be a really big struggle to motivate them to get up and do the things that you tell them to do.

To help you get your friends and family on the right track without you ending up wanting to chew your own hand off, here are some tips to help you out:

1. Never Give Advice Unless You’re Asked

Yes, it is true that you may be bursting full of energy and wanting to share this new way of life with all your friends and family in the hope that they too jump on board, but believe me you should never part with advice unless you are asked to do so. Nobody likes that one friend who keeps begging them to join them in their new healthy way of life.

This isn’t motivating at all and will just strain your friendship for the worse. You will likely end up losing your mate, and you will not have even motivated him to get healthier in the process.

2. Be The Example

The truth is that your friend will only ever come to you for advice if they know that you have already achieved what it is they want to accomplish in the area of health and fitness.

You should then actually play this to your advantage. Be the best example of a healthy individual so that you can inspire your friend even more.

A good example of this is when you go out to a local restaurant with your friends and family. Instead of ordering something that is terrible for your health, order the healthiest option off the menu. This will encourage your friend or family member further and make them want to move toward your way of life.

You see the more you show your friends and family that being healthy doesn’t mean you are compromising on the quality of your life, the more likely it is they will come on board with you.

3. Pay Attention

The truth is that we would be living in heaven if people just told you exactly what they were thinking. But the reality is that we live in a world where most of your friends and family will never directly ask for you health advice.

Instead they are more than likely to start poking questions here and there about your new lifestyle. Wanting to know exactly what you eat, when you eat, where you go gym, how often you work out etc.

When you hear your friends and family ask these sorts of questions you should take this as a signal that they are interested in improving their way of life. This means you should start to give them specific advice on how they can improve certain areas of their own life in order to get into great shape.

4. Share The Struggle

The reality is that you were not born a fitness guru but instead you slowly but surely over a long period of time have taken enough consistent action to get the results you want.

In reality your journey was not a smooth one. No journey ever is, and there will have been points where you were on the verge of giving up, but somehow you mustered enough energy to keep plodding on.

Whatever it is that you did to keep going that is what you need to share with your friends and family. Don’t do them the injustice of only sharing your successes, making it look all easy because this will only make them want to give up that much easier when they are on their own weight loss journey.

Show them that the beauty of losing weight is in the struggle.

Not only will your friends and family love you that much more because everyone loves that guy or gal who is able to keep going regardless of the obstacles that they face, but they will appreciate that you are honest with them in what they have to do in order to get results.

5. Become a Source Of Knowledge

Once your friends or family are ready to get on board and start living a more healthier life then you need to get in there and share all the advice you think will help out… but ensure that you are subtle about it.

Don’t feel that you have to be the only source of knowledge that they have access to. Instead give them different sources of knowledge that you feel will be able to help them further, such as this site :)

While there are literally 10’s of millions of health and fitness blogs out there it is really important that you guide them to those resources that will help them understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and exactly what they need to do in order to get results.

6. Remain Positive

While pain and suffering is a great little motivator to keep a person on the right track to losing weight, it only really works when it’s given by a health professional such as a doctor. If your doctor were to tell your friend that he needs to lose weight or he will be dead in a year, then it is very likely that your friend will jump into action immediately.

But when it comes to you giving advice, it is best if you remain positive at all times.

You should encourage your friends and family by helping them understand and acknowledge all the great benefits that they experience when they eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis. Such as that of having a lot of energy throughout the day, or perhaps relate to them the feeling of how amazing it will be to get into those pair of jeans you haven’t been able to fit in for 10 years.

The truth is having a positive attitude when it comes to health is the best way you can keep your friends motivated and on the right track.

7. Be Sure To Celebrate

So your friend or family member finally took your advice and began to take massive action every single day. They kept up the consistent effort and finally they have been able to get their life to come around. They are living and breathing a healthy way of life. They finally achieved what they wanted, so be sure to celebrate their victory.

Now you don’t have to go all out and become extravagant or anything, just a few simple words of encouragement and a meal is a nice way to celebrate your friends or families success.

So there you have it some useful tips that will help to motivate any of your friends and family that are interested in living a healthier lifestyle.

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