Privacy Policy

Your Privacy

Your privacy is extremely important to me, and to make sure that you are fully aware and understand how important your privacy is to us, I have created this page to explain all of the online practices that I engage in so you can make the best choices in regards to the way that your information is gained and used.

To make sure that every visitor who wishes to review this page can do so without issue, I have created a link to it from the Homepage of this site.

Collection of Personal Information

Every time you visit Fat Loss HQ, your IP address will be collected and logged, along with details such as the date and time when you visited the site.

The only purpose of collecting this information is to analyze trends and track various user behaviors on the site in order to get more information on what our visitors want and how to meet their needs. Please note however that any IP address that is recorded is never linked up to any personal information that can identify you.

Links to third party Websites

You should also note that there are also some links on this site to other useful sites. However we are not responsible for any of the privacy policies that these 3rd party sites may have. Please note that the sites that we link to may have different privacy policies to the one on this site.

Changes to this Privacy Statement

You should note that the privacy policy or any parts of it may at any time be changed without informing you.

If you have any further questions in regards to the privacy policy of Fat Loss HQ then please contact Sergio using the contact form on this site.

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