How To Overcome and Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau

Weight Loss PlateauSeriously you need to congratulate yourself because you’ve actually lost some weight! Especially if you have taken action on the principles that were taught in the fat loss factor.

Or you were losing weight pretty consistently over the last few weeks but all of a sudden over the last few days you don’t seem to be getting any sort of results. Every time you get on the scale, the number reads the same. The thing is that you’re confused because you haven’t changed anything in terms of your diet or way of life.

You’re diet is pretty much 100% clean, and you are eating adequate amounts of protein while at the same time exercising on a regular basis.

But of course you need not worry because practically every person out there that is trying to lose weight will eventually hit a roadblock on their journey where their results seem to plateau, regardless of how much effort they put into eating right and exercising regularly. Not seeing any progress on the weighing scales means you just need to make a few changes.

What you are going through right now is perfectly normal so you should not worry.

Believe me my friend all it means when you hit some sort of plateau is that you need to change up your routine. Doing the same thing again and again ultimately causes your body to get used to it, and then it adapts. So this means you need to adapt your strategy, so you can move forward and keep losing the weight you want to lose.

So before you go off the rails and quit completely I’d recommend that you try and implement some of the following tips to help you get out of your weight loss plateau in the shortest possible time:

1. Start To Fast Now and Again

Yes, the vast majority of the world is under the false impression that fasting will result in your bodies metabolism getting really low and ultimately this will lead to your body clinging on to every pound of fat it can… but recent scientific evidence seems to suggest otherwise.

There is an article that you can find in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition which shows us that fasting every other day will result in a massive improvement in insulin sensitivity, and will increase the rate at which your body takes up glucose. On top of that your body will burn it’s stores of excess fat that much faster.

The reality is that there is no extensive evidence for why your body acts in this way when you fast, but one thing is certain this research I’ve mentioned completely destroys the idea that a person has to eat over 6 meals a day in order to keep metabolism high enough to lose weight.

The great thing is that if you are serious then you can easily fast in any number of different ways.

You can fast by restricting the number of hours that you eat to a period of 5 − 8 hours, or perhaps you could set aside three to four days a week which you miss out breakfast and lunch. Ultimately there are many different possibilities that you could adopt to fast and lose weight.

The best way to really find a fasting method that works for you is to do a little experimenting. Doing so will help you uncover the best practices and really make fasting a regular part of your life.

If you are serious about fasting then it can help you overcome any sort of weight loss plateau in just a number of days.

2. Record What You Eat

Believe me all these tiny snacks that a person may eat throughout the day will slowly but surely add up over time. The issue is that once you start to see that you are losing weight you may start to loosen the grip on how strict you are with what you put in your stomach.

Yes, it is fine to indulge in a snack here and there, but to snack out every single day will result in you never losing the weight that you want to lose.

So to get a better idea of exactly what you are eating you need to write down everything you eat over a period of a week, and I mean everything.

Believe me you need to record everything from the sugar you put in your coffee, to the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream that you eat every other day. You need to write it all down.

This level of being honest with yourself will get you to wake up and see reality as it is.

When you scroll through the list of food that you have been eating over the last week you will be shocked and no longer will you be able to lie to yourself.

There are plenty of research studies that prove that the people that actually record what they eat every single day lost far more weight than those people that didn’t.

When you record the food that you eat in a diary, you just can’t get away with anything and it really makes you think twice before you put that cookie into your mouth.

Over the long haul this will help you to stop eating things like a mindless drone.

A simple pad and paper will do the trick, but if you are more techie then do check out

The great thing is that you only ever need to keep a record of what you eat for a short period of time. Just long enough so that you wake up and stop lying to yourself and get back on the straight path of eating foods that are healthy and nutritious for you.

3. Reduce The Amount Of Carbs You Eat

If you have hit a plateau it is likely that you are eating way too many carbs, so perhaps you should reduce them to say 100 grams a day. This will help your body produce less insulin which will really boost up the amount of fat that is burnt.

You also want to make sure that you are consuming enough protein, which is at least 1 gram per lean pound of body weight. On top of that be sure that you keep on eating those healthy and nutritious vegetables and high fat foods.

4. Press On

Believe me the first 10 pounds you lose is way easier than the last 10 pounds you need to lose to get into great shape.

So never get discouraged when you hit a plateau.

You just need to realize that losing those last few pounds may require a little more effort and time to get the results you want. So just keep on working at it until you see the results you desire.

Remember losing weight should be a long term focus not just a short term thing.

Be sure to remember that while eating healthy and exercising regularly will help you lose a lot of weight in no time at all, the truth is that you should only do those things to get healthy for the rest of your life. Never try to do things to get fit overnight, because that is just a recipe for disaster.

With time you will eventually get into great shape.

So there you have it all the tips you need to get out of any weight loss plateau that you may experience on your own fat loss journey. Let us know in the comments below, if you have any other tips you use to help you get over a plateau and move forward.

Fat Loss Factor Review – Before and After Pics Included

Fat Loss Factor ReviewFat Loss Factor is essentially a step by step program that guides any person on exactly how to shed the excess fat off their body… beginning to end, with absolutely no element left out. The whole program contains 12 core principles that will take any overweight person and help them get into the best shape of their life in no time at all!

If you follow the instructions that are given via these 12 principles then you will lose weight… guaranteed. Believe me, I’m not joking… here are some before and after pictures of me and the results I got using the program.

Before Implementing Fat Loss Factor

Before Implementing Fat Loss Factor

After Implementing Fat Loss Factor

After Implementing Fat Loss Factor – I’ve Lost over 100 Pounds with the program. The picture you see is of me in my old clothes!

I literally have lost over 100lbs with the Fat Loss Factor program and I keep losing more and more fat every single day :)

The 12 principles you’ll find in the Fat Loss Factor guide cover:

Principle 1: Prepare For Success - Here you will be given all the information you need to basically make sure that you don’t fail in your quest to lose weight and fast!

Principle 2: Out With The Old, In With The New - This is the cleansing part of the diet. This section will cover exactly what you need to know and do in order to clear your body out from all those toxins that have piled up inside you, over the last few years. This step will really help your body become a true fat burning machine.

Principle 3: Lifestyle Un-Diet - This section covers the main foods that you need to eat from now on. You will also be given the exact list of foods that you should not touch if you want amazing results fast! I love this section because it’s really in depth and leaves no stones unturned. So ultimately this means that you are never going to be confused as to what you should and shouldn’t be eating from now on. The best thing about Fat Loss Factor is that they don’t expect you to be super human and give up on all your favorite foods overnight. Instead they literally encourage you to move forward one step at a time, every single day until you get the results you want.

Principle 4: Wash Away Fat With Water - Here you will be taught all you need to know about water, and exactly why it is essential if you want to lose a lot of weight in a really short period of time. On top of that you will be given specific instructions on exactly how much you need to be drinking every day, depending on the current state of your health.

Principle 5: Good Healthy Supplementation - Here all the misconceptions on supplements will be taken care of, and you will be given a thorough guide on exactly what you need to know. You will also be given a precise list of the best supplements you should be taking to help you lose a lot of weight quickly and safely.

Principle 6: Rebuild Your Body and Melt Fat All Day Long - Here you will be given very powerful techniques that will help you overcome many of the lame excuses that people have to not workout consistently. On top of that you will be given to the point information on the optimal workouts that will help you lose a lot of weight really fast.

Principle 7: Sculpt Muscle and Trim Fat - This principles goes into further detail about working out and all the advance things you can implement in terms of cardio and lifting weights that will help you get even better results, that much faster.

Principle 8: It’s All a Mind Game - Here you will be taught everything that you could possibly ever want or need to know about overcoming stress and developing a bullet proof mindset. Believe me this is the crucial principle that will massively propel your success rate.

Principle 9: No Breathe, No Life - Here you will be taught why breathing properly is so vital to help you increase your energy and ultimately help you lose more weight. You won’t just be given theory here but also exact step by step instructions on how you should be breathing from now on. I love that the program isn’t just about losing weight but also about helping you improve the quality of your whole life.

Principle 10: Rest Management - So yes, Fat Loss Factor even goes through a subject that many of us dread and that is sleep. It will cover exactly why sleep is so essential to your well being, to how to get a good night’s sleep and exactly how all of this will help you lose that much more weight and more importantly keep it off.

Principle 11: Look Your Best, To Feel Your Best - This section will teach you how to groom yourself (both men and women) in simple ways to help you become super confident and feel great about your new body.

Principle 12: Turning Your Program Into a Lifestyle - So you’ve applied the previous 11 principles consistently and are now in the greatest shape you’ve ever been in. Well now this final principle will teach you exactly what you need to do in order to maintain this amazing new body of yours! Simple steps with no fluff!

The 12 principles are covered in depth within the main eBook that comes with the Fat Loss Factor program. But you need to know that this is just the start of the program, and you’re not just given a load of information and expected to do the rest yourself as you would with many other fat loss programs.

The best thing about Fat Loss Factor, is the fact that you’re given all the best information you need to get amazing results in the eBook, but on top of that you’re also given an amazing Quick Start Guide which will give simple step by step instructions you can implement immediately to get amazing results quickly. This is the exact quick start guide that helped me lose over a 100lbs and counting.

Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide – This Simple Step by Step Process Was Exactly What Helped Me Lose Over 100 Pounds of Fat!

(Once you’ve gotten through the main eBook, these are the exact steps you are going to want to follow to help you lose as much weight as you want. These 4 phases are the very steps that I followed to lose well over a 100lbs of fat without doing any exercise!)

Of course you are also going to be given detailed meal plans, recipes, in depth videos, exercise log sheets, workouts (both beginner, intermediate, and advance), grocery lists and on top of that you will be given software that will help you track the exact progress that you’re making to make sure that you are getting results in the shortest possible time.

Believe me you’re not going to ever be confused on what you need to do with the Fat Loss Factor program. You’re literally going to be held by the hand from the beginning to end. This is why I’ve been able to lose over a 100lb of fat with the program!

Will Fat Loss Factor Actually Help Me Lose Weight?

Well my name’s Sergio Neuroice and I’ve had amazing results with Fat Loss Factor, So I’m doing my very best to help as many people as possible jump on board and experience the same things I have.

You’ve seen the evidence above with the amount of weight I’ve managed to lose in just six months!

The amazing thing is that I only followed the diet part of the program. I literally just followed the 4 phases that were shown in the quick start guide and ended up losing well over 100lbs of fat.

I honestly am shocked at how effective this program has been. Truth be told, I haven’t even touched the exercise section of the program and I’ve lost this much weight :)

So in terms of whether or not this program works, just see what I’ve managed to achieve by following it and decide for yourself.

If you are absolutely determined to lose a lot of weight in no time at all and are willing to follow the simple steps that are shown in program, then believe me there is no way that you are not going to be able to lose a lot of weight in no time at all.

How Fast Will I See Results?

Of course I can’t tell you that you will lose all the weight you want in a week. That would be ridiculous but the reality is that if you are willing to follow the program through then you will lose a lot of weight, fast. The key is to be consistent with the program every single day.

I’ve literally lost well over 100lbs of fat in just 6 months and the only thing I did was improve my diet. I can only imagine how much weight I would’ve lost if I had followed the simple workout plans.

How Much Time and Effort Will I Have to Put In to Get Results?

Believe me if you are willing to work at it daily then you will get exceptional results. But of course it is important that you take it one single step at a time.

When I first got my hands on the program I literally tried to jump right into it, going cold turkey on my old diet. But while I had a good couple of days I had given up on it just a week later, going back to gorging on massive amounts of junk food throughout the day.

But not one to give up completely, I went ahead and gave the program a second shot however this time I actually followed the advice that was given in Fat Loss Factor, which is to literally take it one tiny step at a time. Well believe it or not by taking this approach, I began to see results and actually enjoy the whole process too. Eventually I came to a point where I didn’t even think about or even want to eat junk foods :)

So trust me if you follow the advice given in program and slowly but surely make the changes that they recommend then you will begin to lose a lot of weight in no time at all. If you are one of those people that are looking for a shortcut then I wouldn’t recommend you get Fat Loss Factor. This program is only for those people that are willing to actually act upon the advice that is given in it.

What’s The Support Like?

Believe me my friend the support for this program is astounding. I first jumped on board this program a little while ago and the moment that I actually purchased it I was a little confused as to where I should start. So I literally shot Lori (the author) an email and she got back to me within a couple of hours, tell me exactly how I should proceed with the program in order to get the best results in the shortest possible time.

Thankfully the course right now is fully organized and you won’t have a problem knowing where to begin, but if you ever need any help then you can be sure that they will get back to you really quickly, if you just shoot them an email.

What Are The Disadvantages Of This Fat Loss Factor Course?

    • The first issue I have is the fact that there is a ton of information packed into the course. There isn’t any useless information, but there is a lot you need to get through to actually understand what you need to do in order to get amazing results. At the same time you might find it a little confusing on where you should begin.
      UPDATE: Dr Charles and Lori have just added a Quick Start Guide which is exactly what this course needed in order to summarize all the main points in the main eBook, and give you the exact action steps that you need to take to produce the best results. So you won’t be confused any longer as to where you need to start.
    • One of the bonuses that you get with the program is a software program called FooJoo. Basically its a little program which gives you a massive list of all the healthiest options available to you from over a 140 different fast food chains out there. But while this software is great, it only works on a Window’s PC which can get a little annoying if you’re using a Mac (like I am). But it’s no big deal anyway, because if you’re serious about losing weight you’d avoid all fast food chains anyway.

As with any product on the market, there are bound to be disadvantages but the great thing is that they don’t matter if you are wanting to get results because this program will help you lose a lot of weight.

What Do I Get When I Purchase The Program?

Watch this video where I go through exactly what you get when you buy Fat Loss Factor…

Does This Product Come With a Refund Policy?

This is what I love about this program and that is the fact that no matter what the reason if you don’t like the product, you get a full 60 day money back guarantee. All you need to do is shoot an email to Lori and bang the money will be refunded back to you immediately. But believe me getting a refund won’t even be in the back of your mind when you begin to see the amazing results of this fat loss program. The results you get will be that good.

What’s The Quickest Way To Lose Weight With Fat Loss Factor?

If you want to lose weight in the fastest possible time (and the process I used to lose well over a 100lbs of fat in just 6 months) just do the following:

Step 1: Read the main eBook
Step 2: Follow the quick start guide to begin taking action. Apply the workout and meal plans as and when referred to in the quick start guide.

Seriously if you just follow these two simple steps you will lose a lot of weight quickly. It couldn’t get any simpler, trust me.

Here are some more before and after pictures of me… The amazing thing is that I just keep on losing more and more fat every single week :)





What Are The Best Features Of Fat Loss Factor?

1. You will be getting absolutely everything that you could ever need or want to lose fat… meals plans, workout plans, exercise logs, grocery lists, step by step recipes, weight loss progress software, step by step workout videos, and a whole lot more. Plus the best part is that it isn’t just a bundle of information but it’s all packaged together in a simple and easy to follow manner.

2. Top notch email support. As I mentioned above I tried this myself and Lori got back to me within a couple of hours. So know that if you have any sort of issue or just want to ask a specific question then just shoot them an email and they will get back to you fast!

3. On top of this already amazing product you will be glad to know that Dr Charles and Lori keep on updating the product with new useful things such as more meals plans etc to help you get into better and better shape. Of course the latest addition to Fat Loss Factor was the quick start guide which was the thing that helped me get into the best shape of my life. It really just simplified all the important information into a series of actions steps you have to take to get real life results.

So I really hope that you enjoyed my Fat Loss Factor Review, and if you’ve got any questions then please just leave a comment or email me :)

All the best,

Sergio Neuroice.

Find me over at Google+ and Twitter

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