How To Overcome The Obsession With Weighing Scales

Weighing ScalesThe truth is practically every house in America will have a weighing scale in it. But every household will treat them differently.

There are some folk out there that are literally scared of the weighing scale, to the point where they hide them in the bathroom closet.

These people will occasionally force themselves to get the scale out but most of the time they try to ignore it as best as they can, trying to pretend that it doesn’t exist.

But then there are other people out there that act like crack addicts in terms of their relationship with the scale. They literally are addicted to using it.

These people will literally weigh themselves at least once a day or if they are really extreme, then they will weigh themselves after every meal or perhaps after they workout. Each time they get on, they are hoping they will have made some sort of progress.

Now, while there is nothing wrong with the scale itself, these two extremes just cause a lot of unneeded pain in people’s lives.

It really is a great tool for giving people some sort of idea what they weigh. But there is a difference between using it as a measure of progress here and there, to actually obsessing over it.

If we focus too much on the scales then most of us will stop focusing on what is really important and that is to eat correctly and exercise regularly.

Personally I’ve stopped using a scale a long time ago. It’s just something that I feel a person doesn’t need. Especially since following the fat loss factor you will find that you will never need it.

If we pay too much attention to the daily changes that the scale shows us then we lose sight of what the real goal of healthy eating actually is, and that is to ultimately lead a long and healthy life that is full of joy and happiness.

Believe me, while it may seem great to obsess over the weighing scale, the truth is that you are probably just slowing down the progress that you actually make.

Of course there isn’t anything really wrong with using a scale, even if you happen to use it every single day of your life… just know when you are getting obsessed over it.

There are some of you out there that use things like a bathroom scale or a food journal to make sure that you remain on the right track and that you are constantly focused on the results that you are trying to achieve.

If you’re the sort of person that wants to lose fat while at the same time maintain muscle mass then keeping track of the progress that you are making will help you get the results that you want.

Just remember that there is a difference between tracking progress and getting overly obsessive about the scale.

Your body is constantly carrying out a variety of different processes so it is perfectly normal for it to experience fluctuations in weight.

You should not be surprised if you see your weight change on a day to day basis even by a few pounds. This is often caused by your body either keeping water or getting rid of it and various other processes.

That little number on the scale will not give you an accurate picture of what is going on with your body, so it is wise not to rely on it too much.

You also need to stop thinking in terms of the phrase ‘weight loss’ as it is far too vague. What does this term really mean?

The truth is that muscle actually weighs a lot more that fat, but the scale that you measure yourself on can’t tell you the difference.

The weighing scale literally takes every component of your body and then spits out a single, total number.

Looking at that number on the weighing scale you should realize that it is giving you the sum total of every part of your body and what it weighs.

That’s all that number really means. So ultimately it can’t tell you how much lean muscle mass you have on your person, neither can it tell you how much fat you carry.

The scale may be telling you that you’re losing weight, but what’s the point if all that weight is just muscle mass?

Another big issue is that people often set random weight loss goals.

A person may say they want to lose 60 pounds and then get completely obsessed about doing whatever it takes to reach this specific goal.

These kinds of goals eventually lead to a person starving themselves, doing excessive cardio and vomiting after meals, all in the hope to reach this target they have set themselves. Ultimately they end up caring little about whether they are damaging their health or not.

You really don’t want to get nuts over a little number. Instead you should focus more on trying to listen to your body, and see what it says. If you focus on eating right and exercising regularly, you will find that your body will lose all the fat that you need to lose to get into amazing shape.

Eating natural, healthy whole foods is the key to actually losing fat and maintaining muscle mass. So don’t try to mess about with shortcuts because this will inevitably lead to the path of you doing silly things to reach your goals.

The less you obsess over the number that the scale gives you the better you are going to end up in terms of health and weight loss.

You really are wasting a lot of time and energy faffing about with a weighing scale!

On top of that you are more than likely causing your health to deteriorate over time, because of all the stress that is associated with getting yourself weighed. This can ultimately lead you to having a lot of serious issues with food which can cause you to gain or lose an unnatural amount of weight.

Ultimately you should try your level best to focus on the things that matter the most and those are living a healthy, happy life where you sleep well and eat right (making sure that you avoid junk foods) while exercising on a consistent basis. Do these things and you will never need to touch the scale again.

Top Reasons Why You’re Not Shedding Excess Body Fat

Weight Loss ScalesThe truth is that the simple idea of calorie counting isn’t the only factor that actually contributes to a person losing excess fat in a healthy and safe manner.

Neither it is only dependent on things like diet and exercise. You have to look at it as an overall picture. There are many different factors all of which work together to help a person to lose weight and get into the best health of their lives.

On top of that your attitude to losing weight is also extremely important. How you feel in any given moment will influence the actions that you take on a day to day basis. So it is really important that you take the time to actually develop good habits and remove all the terrible habits that are preventing you from seeing amazing results. You also need to stop trying to find a way on how to lose belly fat in a week, instead focus more of your time and energy on the long term results.

You really need to create an environment that is conducive to your weight loss goals and aspirations.

1. You Assume You’re Eating Healthy, But You’re Really Not

Are you on a diet that promotes eating a lot of different so called healthy products? Believe me the focus of any solid diet should be healthy and nutritious foods.

Are you drinking cans of diet coke, plates of so called healthy noodles, and loaves upon loaves of bread.

If you are then you are not on the path to losing weight but rather you’re on the path of consuming consuming empty calories that will make your fat.

You need to stop relying on these food labels and instead try to focus as much time and effort into eating real foods that are good for you and will actually contribute to you losing weight.

2. You’re Constantly Stressed Out

Believe me stressing out is not a good thing to do if you want to lose weight.

Regardless of what sort of stress you may be experiencing, whether it be financial or emotional you need to appreciate that your body doesn’t know the difference.

All stress does is cause your body to produce more cortisol which is the fight or flight hormone. This hormone will eat away at your muscles, increase insulin resistance and actually push your body to store more fat.

Believe me stress over 200,000 years ago may have been useful to humans because it literally helped them escape danger and live longer lives but the reality is quite different today.

Getting stressed over a simple traffic jam causes havoc on your body which isn’t good if you want to lose weight.

All you need to do is take a little step back and realize that most of the things that you are getting stressed over, really don’t matter in the long run. So just relax a little and start to enjoy your body getting rid of the excess fat you are holding onto.

3. Watch The Amount Of Carbs You Eat

Believe me you really need to keep a watch out for the amount of carbs that you consume on a day to day basis, especially if you want to lose weight. Cut out all the processed foods and if you want to lose weight that much faster I would also avoid things like fruit.

4. You’re Building Up Muscle Mass

Believe me you should never rely on the scales to give you a true picture of what is going on. Yes, while the scales can be great for giving you a broad picture of what is happening to your body in terms of weight they don’t give you the details such as exactly how much muscle you are adding to your frame.

When you are eating correctly it will cause your body to lose a lot of fat but if you’re working out on a regular basis then this will also result in your muscle mass growing.

If you feel great about your new way of life but don’t see any sort of movement on the scales then it is likely that you are losing fat but at the same time putting on some muscle mass.

5. You Don’t Exercise Enough

Are you walking at least 5 hours a week?

Believe me walking at a brisk pace is something that you are going to want to do more often if you really want to shed the fat that is on your body. The great thing about walking at around 75% of your max heart rate is that it will burn fat really fast.

If you are not walking enough then be sure to crank it up and believe me you will begin to see exceptional results.

6. You’re Running Far Too Much On The Treadmill

Yes, while walking at a brisk pace is great for you there is such a thing as doing too much of a good thing, which never leads to great results.

If you start to engage in activity that runs your heart over 75% of its max rate, then you will begin to burn glycogen reserves.

All this sugar that is lost will mean that your body will start to crave more sugars to replace all that it has lost, so you end up eating vast quantities of foods that are terrible for your health.

Believe me you don’t want to keep this up for very long because in the long term you will end up getting fat, losing muscle mass, getting stressed which will result in the hormone cortisol to be released and you will have destroyed any results you have achieved thus far.

7. You Still Haven’t Got On Board Fasting

Yes, every person reacts differently to fasting and your results will vary but the truth is that fasting is a wonderful way to really get over a weight loss plateau in record time.

Be sure that you’re eating healthy and nutritious foods and really start out small. Perhaps you can miss out breakfast tomorrow and then eat a late lunch. If you were comfortable getting around this then perhaps next time around you can skip out on breakfast and lunch.

Be sure to take baby steps as this will increase the chance that you are successful.

Believe me, as your body gets used to you fasting on an occasional basis, you will begin to not even notice that you have gone for hours without food.

8. You’re Eating Way Too Much Food

Believe me eating healthy isn’t going to result in all that excess fat disappearing overnight. While eating healthy is a great way to lose a lot of weight know that you still need to keep the amount of calories in check, especially once you have reached the weight you are happy with.

When you get right down to those last few pounds you will find that all the things that were working for you thus far will probably not work anymore.

If doing what you’ve been doing so far isn’t helping you get rid of those last few pounds, then it might be time to really tighten up those calories.

If you are eating really well but still are not losing the little weight you have left then it may be a sign that you are just eating too much.

So I hope that these top reasons for you not being able to budge the fat have helped to shine some light on what the exact reason may be, and what you can do to hopefully move forward and ultimately get into the best shape of your life.

The Most Common Things You Are Doing To Prevent Weight Loss

Weight Loss PreventionThe truth is that once you lose some good amount of weight, friends and family will inevitably come to you for some advice wondering how on earth you lost weight and how they can do the same. In those moments you are going to be able to give them advice, and a few suggestions to get them on the right path to losing weight as well.

You know that person that works with you, who is constantly drinking cans of coke… all you need to tell him when he eventually comes to you for advice is to cut the coke out and he will lose a lot of weight.

For that one friend who seems to eat McDonald’s three times a day, all you need to tell her is to get active, drink more water and to stop eating fast foods!

These are extremely simple solutions to help those that want to get into shape really fast.

But while you may have lost a lot of weight yourself you may have come to a point where you have gone a few weeks in and not lost a pound of excess fat. You haven’t changed anything in terms of your new way of life but still, you are not shedding any fat?

Well, there are many reasons why you may have hit this weight loss plateau, and often times it’s because of your own doing.

Here are some of the common factors that result in a person’s weight loss coming to a halt:

1. You Waste Too Much Time Trying To Get Your Diet Perfect

Yes, if you happen to be allergic to either nuts, gluten or dairy then it makes sense why you would fuss over certain things that would make you extremely ill. Or perhaps your 6 months pregnant and you’re at a restaurant that serves up sushi… I wouldn’t look at you funny for wanting to exactly where that fish came from and how fresh it was.

But if you’re just an ordinary guy or girl looking to lose weight and get into the best shape of their life and have no real issues in terms of being allergic to certain foods then I really wouldn’t worry and get so worked up about exactly what is in every single meal that you consume. Trust me if you ever want to shed those last few pounds of fat you need to stop getting stressed out so much.

Trying to get your diet perfect will end in you failing, which will ultimately cause you to gain more weight.

2. You’re Not Taking Care Of Your Overall Health

Yes, while eating right is the most important factor when it comes to losing weight and getting into great shape, know that there are many other smaller elements that you need to get right in order to lose weight that much faster and to really get into the best health of your life.

You need to make sure that along with your diet, you are also working out on a regular basis, getting a good night’s rest every night, and making time to relax and have fun. If you get all these components right then there is no way that you are not going to be able to get into the best health of your life.

Believe me when I hit upon a weight loss plateau on my own journey it was because I was focusing far too much on just one area and that was to get my diet right. That worked for a while but in order to move forward and lose the remaining fat that was on my body, I had to improve my overall health.

3. You Keep changing Your Diet and Exercise Routine

The problem with living in the computer age is the fact that we all have access to far too much information. Often times this is great, but a lot of the times it can just cause information overload, because we are constantly trying to take in way too much information. The stream of information just never ends.

The truth is that there are already millions upon millions of health blogs out there with new ones coming out every single day all teaching a slightly different methodology on how to lose weight. On top of that there are always new research studies that are being released every single day, adding to our never ending inventory of weight loss information.

So what most people do is instead of experimenting themselves they just hop online and see what 1000 other people have done and have learnt from their experiences.

Believe me while having access to so much information is truly amazing, the reality is that it just confuses most of us and leads us to not do anything. The best thing to do is to try one thing and stick to it for a few weeks and analyze the results you have got then move forward from there. Trial and error is your greatest teacher.

So there you have it my friends all the information that you will need on the most common reasons why people end up getting into weight loss plateau’s and how to get out of them fast!

The World’s Largest Diet Scams

Diet ScamsAfter personally having gone through some of the world’s most popular diet scams, before finally hitting upon a solution that gave me real results (Fat Loss Factor), I know how much pain a person can go through, when they put their trust in a weight loss program only to never get the results that they were promised.

With Fat Loss Factor I finally came to the realization that losing weight wasn’t easy and that there were no such things as overnight successes. The key to losing weight is following a real diet plan that is full of healthy and nutritious foods and working out on a regular basis. Simple, hard but extremely effective.

But imagine if someone was offering you the dream of never having to eat healthy foods or exercise a day in your life and still be able to get into the best shape of your life?

Now while you and I may finally have realized that there is no shortcut on the path to losing weight there are millions of people out there that fall for these scams every single day, thinking that they will get amazing results if they put in the work.

So here are some of the world’s largest diet scams, some of which I fell for too:

1. Fat/Carb Blocking Pills

Are you in the mood for a plate of pasta, covered with some thick cheese? Well, now you can eat all you want because all you need to do is pop a pill and all your worries are gone!

But wait on a minute that is just a lie that the maker of these so called fat/carb blocking pills will want you to believe.

The most popular of these types of pills is one that goes by the name of Alli, which tells you that it will prevent your body from absorbing any fat by giving you things such as severe stomach cramps, chronic gas, persistent diarrhea. You will be amazed that all of these side effects are included in their marketing campaign, where they recommend that you actually remain patient until your body warms up to the chemicals that are in the pill.

Well, you may be wondering whether these side effects are worth it. Truth be told, no. Simply because there is no evidence that these kinds of pills actually help a person to lose and keep off fat for long periods of time.

2. Kimkins Diet

Yes, on the surface this diet looks truly amazing. It’s based on the extremely famous diet known as the Atkins diet, but not only do you reduce the amount of carbs you eat but also the amount of fat, fiber and overall calories.

So if you literally have to reduce every aspect of your diet then what on earth are you going to be left to eat? The truth is not too much. Believe me the meal portions that are recommended on this diet are close to starvation level which is no way to go if you actually want to lose weight.

To add to the scam of this insane diet is the fact that the woman who created this diet has never revealed who she actually is. Reports claim that this woman has no health related credentials and instead of stopping people from continuing on with this terribly unsafe diet, she has continued to sell the idea that people will lose weight if they keep eating dangerously low portions of food.

And those so called success stories that you will find on their site? Well, you will be amazed to know that all of them are just pictures of random Russian mail order brides…. ha!

3. Herbal Weight Loss Teas

There are a lot of people out there that claim that you can lose the vast majority of your excess body fat simply by drinking things such as green tea. The reality is that it can be true for a short period of time.

The reason is that drinks such as green tea contain caffeine in them, which is one of the most power natural diuretics that you can get. So you may think you are losing weight when you get on those scales but the reality is quite different. You will gain all that weight back once you drink a glass or two of water.

The only time drinks such as green tea will help you lose weight is if they are a replacement for high calorie, sugary drinks such as coke.

4. Diet Patches

Yes, there is some evidence which suggests that tobacco patches actually work, but no evidence to suggest that diet patches work.

Essentially these patches are about as useless as the pills I’ve mentioned above, with there being zero evidence that these so called chemicals that help you to lose weight will even penetrate through the skin.

Don’t waste your time or money with this useless weight loss gimmick.

5. Body Wraps / Sauna Suits

There are some crazy people out there that really want to get everything that they can out of a workout session. Even going as far as wearing a silly suit in the pursuit of trying to lose weight. The only kind of weight that you will ever lose with these kinds of suits is water weight.

So believe me, while you may lose a little water weight by putting on one of these suits, the reality is that you will put that weight right back on the moment you drink a few glasses of water.

So there you have it, some of the most common and ridiculous scams out there that claim to help you lose weight.

If you are at all serious about losing weight and keeping it off, I’d recommend the only program that bought about real results for me. I lost over 100lbs and counting with a program called Fat Loss Factor. Check it out if you want.

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