Overcoming The Emotional Connection Toward Junk Food

Junk FoodGetting over junk food is the biggest issue that most people have and what prevents them from jumping on board a healthy way of life.

Most people understand and appreciate the healthy concepts of eating right and exercising regularly. They really want to jump on board this way of life in order that they may be able to improve the quality of their life and ultimately get into great shape.

Who doesn’t love the concept of having an amazing amount of energy from the moment they wake up, to the idea of being able to eat fresh organic meat.

But then of course, the breaking point for most people is where they ask… what about coke or whatever other piece of junk food they absolutely love.

You can have all the knowledge in the world but it will be to no avail, if you aren’t able to get over the idea of not eating junk foods. Isn’t it a little odd how powerful these cravings for junk food are, so much so that they completely destroy any chance of you getting on the healthy road and way of life.

Is that single doughnut so tasty that it can completely hamper the quality of a person’s life and stop him from living a healthy way of existence?

Many people are used to saying ‘I’d love to live a healthy life but I could never give up my breakfast cereal.’ Well, this sort of response has really made me think deep about the mental power of eating junk foods.

Have you ever wondered why the best foods that people mention they’ve eaten usually tend to be junk foods?

The vast majority of people out there have some sort of deep love for one type of junk food or other.

It’s like we sort of emotionally attach ourselves to the food item in question.

There are also many other reasons why people love junk foods, some include the fact that they are very easily available, convenient to eat, and pretty cheap on most occasions.

A lot of the times the foods that we are attached to, are foods that we have grown up with and therefore we have become used to eating regularly.

Then there are some other powerful influences on our desire to eat unhealthy foods, these include our ethnic, family or community backgrounds on top of all the marketing and advertising that we are bombarded with on a daily basis. Finally there is the issue of taste.

I have told you before and you will notice it once you begin to eat healthy on a regular basis and that is the fact that most junk foods taste pretty much the same once you allow your taste buds to come back to life. This of course is only going to become noticeable when you begin to eat healthy and nutritious foods on a regular basis.

So how come we find, that some foods are a lot easier to give up than certain other foods?

Imagine tomorrow you woke up and were told that in order to live a healthy way of life you must avoid eating cucumbers. I really can’t imagine anyone really being bothered about it to the level that they will feel that it will stop them from living a healthy life.

Then how come the idea of giving up things like coke, or breakfast cereal is a lot harder. Why do we get anxious about the idea of getting rid of junk foods?

You will be amazed to know that your sense of taste is developed a lot earlier than you may initially think.

There are plenty of research studies which have found that the diet of a mother heavily influences the taste senses of a child.

The conclusions of many researchers as to why this happens is to help a child understand and know what tastes are safe for them. Ultimately it’s all about survival, and this process will help your child appreciate the flavors that will help them survive out in the world.

If you happen to come from a family whose diet was mainly rice then you will have developed a good taste for it quite early on.

The fact is that as human beings we associate certain memories around food. So if you had many good times as a child surrounding a specific type of food, then you will be more emotionally attached to it as you grow older.

One of the biggest factors that cause a sort of emotional connection to food, is that of holidays. But it is possible with any sort of event or occasion.

Do you happen to remember cooking something special with your parents of grandparents? Do you have strong vivid memories of going to a specific type of restaurant when you were younger?

Do you have a good memory of some time when you were first going out with your partner which still influences how you happen to spend time together today?

The problem with these sorts of emotional connections with food, is the fact that it can hinder your progress to live a health lifestyle, where you mostly eat fresh and nutritious foods.

Even if you are able to resist the temptation, you will never be able to truly enjoy healthy foods, because you will constantly be thinking about the junk foods of your past.

The past is one thing, but an even greater battle is the temptations of the present.

There have been many research studies which prove that the mental images that we play in our minds about certain foods play a massive role in the cravings we have for particular foods out there.

Have you ever seen an ad for food and then you suddenly feel like eating it? This may even be true if you don’t even touch that food! Those guys who created the ads have a wonderful way of actually convincing you that you need that food now!

Then the way we feel in any given moment also influences what we happen to eat. Often times when we are feeling down we will engage in emotional eating which can result in us gorging great portions of junk foods.

Eating a lot of carb heavy foods can give us a little bit of a high, but of course with every high there will come a crash… this up and down feeling can really become addictive.

The truth is and this is backed up by many research studies that when we are stressed out we naturally move toward wanting to eat junk foods.

Statistic shows that men usually go toward eating warm and calorie rich foods, whereas women prefer to put their hands on sweets etc.

It has also been noted that a younger person is more likely to eat snack foods rather than full on unhealthy meals.

From various different research methods out there it has been noted that the best technique for people to use when it comes to overcoming their desire to eat junk foods is to just keep it away from them. Make sure that your environment is free from any sort of temptation and you are less likely to gorge on bad, unhealthy foods.

The harder you make it to get access to a particular type of junk food you like, the less likely it is that you will put in the effort to actually get it.

You also need to work to get rid of those pleasant associations you have with junk foods. That means if you watch TV where there are countless ad’s that bombard you to eat junk foods, then just avoid watching TV on those nights when you are feeling particularly stressed out.

Another great tactic you could implement to overcome your desire to eat junk, could be to actually go on a little walk.

If you still seem to be having issues with food then perhaps you are experiencing some sort of eating disorder, and it could mean that you need to get yourself checked out by a professional counselor.

There have also been some research studies carried out which suggest that acupuncture can be extremely effective to help those people who are battling with constant cravings for junk foods.

Ultimately you need to appreciate the fact that your favorite foods are nothing but a small moment of pleasure, and perhaps a link to a happy memory in the distant past.

But you also need to remember that your life without that piece of junk is probably far more energetic, where you experience less health issues and therefore you get more out of every single moment that you have.

You need to realize that your life is probably more meaningful and filled with higher levels of pleasure because you don’t eat junk. Those taste buds you have, are just a minor part of your whole experience.

What foods would your body really like to have inside it? That is the question you need to ask yourself.

If you really want to live a healthy way of life you need to start paying attention to your body more, and giving it what it actually deserves. That is of course if you want to experience a healthy way of life.

Do you have any other tips or suggestions on how you can get over this emotional connection people have with junk foods? If you want to see more tactics to help you overcome this emotional connection to junk food then I’d recommend that you check out the fat loss factor.

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