Your Guide To The Latest Weight Loss Shortcut

Weight Loss ShortcutImagine we lived in a world where if you wanted to lose 30 pounds all you would need to do is walk up to your doctor’s clinic, read a magazine for 10 minutes, while your doctor points a device which shoots out a laser towards your back… then you just stroll out having just spent thousands of pounds in the process.

If you had the money to spare and a beer belly to get rid of, would you opt for such a procedure?

Would you ever consider this sort of weight loss shortcut to get results?

With the procedure sounding so simple and effective it would be hard for most people to say no.

You might be surprised but it seems that we are getting closer and closer to that reality. There are two organisations out there that go by the name of Zeltiq Aesthetics and Erchonia Medical, both of which are based in the USA, who have developed a sort of lazier pointer that reportedly zaps pockets of fat. They are claiming real results quickly, which were previously only seen offered by people who sold weight loss gimmicks.

These two companies are claiming that their product offers people the chance to lose weight in any area of the body, by simply using lasers that are pointed to the fat. This causes all the fat in that area to come out of the cells, into the lymphatic system, where the body will be able to use the fat as a source of energy.

While it may seem great on the surface you need to realize that you won’t see immediate results with this technique.

It takes about 2 months for the whole process to take effect on the body.

Tests that were carried out showed that the average person lost about 3.5 inches over a period of 2 months.

So while it may not be the instant fat loss solution that you were hoping for, it certainly seems to produce real results and definitely blows away some of the most popular weight loss scams out there.

I love a good shortcut that actually produces the results you were looking for without compromising the quality of the journey or the process that you used to get there.

So is this laser fat loss tech really a valid shortcut to help you lose weight?

Truth be told, it is a shortcut but only if fat is the only thing that you want to lose.

But in terms of a shortcut that improves the health and overall quality of your life, I wouldn’t say that this solution will help you much.

To be honest, you’re goal shouldn’t just be to lose weight but to take those actions that will help you live the healthiest possible life. I would avoid all those things that offer you fast results without taking you through the journey of getting sustainable long term results.

If these laser products actually get the results that they claim to get, the issue is that ultimately they are not going to be helping you get to the underlying issues that are causing your weight gain. You may in fact lose weight initially but eventually you will just gain it on again.

Losing weight is more than just losing a few pounds here and there. While learning how to lose belly fat in a week is a great start you need to develop a more longer term vision to get great results.

Doing it the more traditional way by eating right and exercising regularly will help your overall health improve. You will see an increase in lean muscle mass, your organs will be healthier, you will have much higher energy levels, and you will be a lot more sensitive to insulin.

It is extremely doubtful that you will experience the same sort of benefits from having laser pointed at you. Not only will it cost you a fortune, but you will more than likely end up putting the weight that you’ve lost right back on.

The only way to lose weight and keep it off is to do it the old fashioned way, through hard work and dedication.

If you can literally get rid of your excess fat without making any changes to their lifestyle, then what is actually preventing people from continuing their unhealthy diet habits and way of life?

It would be extremely interesting to see how this laser treatment would actually fare against other fat loss procedures out there such as bariatric surgery, which is often used to help people who are morbidly obese.

Keep in mind that people only go under the knife to get Bariatric surgery to overcome obesity in order to prevent some chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

There is a lot of research which says that while it is a high risk procedure it certainly seems to be quite effective. Ultimately this surgery will help people lose weight and reduce the chances that they get any serious disease.

The laser procedure is extremely unlikely to do this and here are some of the reasons why I believe this to be true:

Bariatric surgery is just one half of the equation. In order for the patient to see long lasting results, they will have to get on a healthy diet that is full of fresh, natural foods.

Ultimately this will lead to you seeing not only the weight drop off but also see an improvement in the condition of the individuals overall health.

Ultimately this kind of laser treatment while good at giving you initial results, isn’t worth trusting if you want long lasting results that not only help to keep off the fat, but also help to improve the quality of your life.

Believe me, I’ve got nothing against seeing advancements in technology.

So whether or not this laser technology improves with time, we will have to see.

But keep in mind that there is nothing more effective and long lasting when it comes to losing weight, than eating the right foods and exercising on a consistent basis.

You will have to put in some real hard work, but believe me it will be more than worth it down the line!

Simple Tips To Help You Avoid Temptation

Avoid Temptation1. Drink Water

A lot of the times when you feel like you need to eat something sweet, your body is just in need for some water. So next time your hand is moving toward the direction of eating some junk foods, try changing direction toward drinking a glass of water. Most of the time you will be surprised to know that you no longer feel like eating the junk foods. Another way you can get truly exceptional results is just by taking the time to Send flowers to the people that mean the most to you!

2. Free Your Environment From All Temptations

Believe me if you are sitting down at home watching some TV, and you know that your kitchen cupboards are full of sweets and other deserts, then you will eventually end up gorging on all that junk food, regardless of how strong your will power is.

The simplest way to overcome your urge of wanting to eat some junk food is to just avoid being in an environment where you can easily get your hands on it. Don’t use other people as an excuse because they will be much better off without the junk as well!

While it may be harder to control what sort of food enters your workplace, the reality is quite different at home. You have complete control over your home environment, so you really don’t have an excuse to bring in any sort of temptation.

One great tip for the workplace is to encourage your boss to only allow water and low calorie snacks into the workplace instead of the calorie rich stuff like donuts etc.

If you work at a company that happens to serve up lunch, you should ask them to serve up healthier meals. And when you feel tempted to snack on a piece of junk at the vending machine, you should aim to go for a packet of nuts rather than a bar of snickers.

3. Snack on Fruit or Nuts

You should never go without food for so long that it causes your blood sugar levels to get extremely low. This is just setting yourself up to gorge on sugary processed junk foods. Being hungry is going to make it that much more tempting to eat something that is sugary and calorie rich.

So to prevent this kind of situation, you should always have some fruit, or nuts on hand so that whenever you do feel peckish you can snack on a piece of these healthy treats.

The great thing about snack foods like fruit and nuts is that they are plentiful in things like fiber and vitamins which will help you feel full for a longer period of time. The bonus is that the nuts also contain plenty of healthy proteins and fat.

4. Try Brushing Your Teeth

The truth is that many of the times when we feel really hungry it is because we are bored. A good way to prevent yourself on junking out is to keep your mouth and hands busy… perhaps by engaging in an act such as brushing your teeth.

While this is not going to completely cure you of wanting junk foods, it will help to pass some time and prevent you from thinking about going through your fridge and kitchen cupboards trying to find a bar of snickers to munch on.

5. Keep Telling Yourself That The Junk Will Not Go Anywhere

The beauty of living in the modern world is the fact that food is available in abundant supplies, so there is never a need to store it.

So this means that you need to stop buying things with the just in case mentality. The truth is that every time you pass the junk food section in the supermarket you need to keep telling yourself that there is no need to get it just now because, it will still be there the next time you come in.

Yes, on that occasional basis you should pick up a couple of cookies to satisfy those cravings, but the majority of the time you need to tell yourself that you can always get it next time. This is a really effective tip for overcoming many of the temptations you see on a daily basis.

The Most Common Ways a Person Hampers Their Quality of Sleep

Improve SleepSleep is really important to your weight loss efforts and overall health. Believe me there are many research studies that suggest that those people that don’t get enough quality sleep every single night will more than likely ending up living a shorter life, in comparison to those that get a good nights rest.

While this reality may not be great to hear, it is the truth and something you must face. Not only will you increase your chances of an early death, but you also increase the chances of you becoming overweight and getting some sort of chronic disease.

You’ve probably been told many times before by doctors and health experts alike, that sleep is the key to you living a long, healthy and ultimately happy life.

The great thing is that once you nail the art of getting a great night’s sleep, you will enjoy getting in bed every single night. You will enjoy having those amazingly real dreams and getting up every single day, fresh and full of energy.

So now you understand the importance of sleep, it’s time you learnt how to get it good every night.

The truth is that nobody out there intentionally tries to get a bad nights sleep.

But in truth most of you are probably not getting the best quality sleep that you are capable of experiencing. Here are some of the most common reasons why:

1. You’re not exposing yourself to any sunlight during the day

Of course most of us know the importance of not exposing ourselves to artificial sources of light after it gets dark. If you can keep this up then you will greatly increase the quality of your sleep… most of the time.

There will however be some of you that will not feel any sort of difference from avoiding artificial sources of light after dark. The reason being is that while this step is important it is even more important that you make sure that you expose yourself to a lot of light during the day.

You see, you need to train your body to understand when it is daytime and when it is nighttime. Watching television at night just makes your body think that it is daytime, so you need to make the effort to expose yourself to sunlight during the day.

It is really important that you get your day and night cycles fixed correctly so that your body knows when to be alert and active (during the day) and when to shut down (during the night).

A great way to do this is to get outside the moment you wake up to get in that early morning sunlight. Try your level best to walk about and take in as much sunlight as you possibly can.

Try to avoid staying inside all day long when you’re at work, but instead attempt to get in a few little breaks at lunch, where you step outside and enjoy that afternoon sun.

2. You’re Not Eating On Time

The truth is that the early bird always gets the worm, but this isn’t just true with birds.

Creating a habit of eating early in the morning will train your body to wake you up nice and early in order to get some food, just like a bird would get up early to get the worm.

There are many research studies out there which suggest that there are many species out there that are like the birds, in that the timing of what they eat is directly connected to their sleeping schedules.

So to increase the quality of your sleep try to eat breakfast first thing in the morning when you get up.

3. You’re Following The Advice Of Not Consuming Carbs In The Evening

You will probably have come across this piece of advice before in many of the most popular health magazines such as Men’s health and that is the advice that you should never touch Carbs in the evening. You seriously need to avoid diet scams as best as you can.

Most of the time this advice is given in order to help people lose more fat (which it doesn’t do in the first place) rather than help you to get a better night’s rest.

Yes, it is great for you to take the time to remove all the bad carbs out of your diet, but to go overboard and put in the rule that you shouldn’t be eating carbs in the evening is just plain not necessary. There are many research studies out there which prove that doing so will have no effect whatever on fat loss or sleep quality for that matter.

If you plan on eating carbs then eat them whenever you want and while you’re at it, you should avoid reading all those garbage health and fitness magazines because they are just full of terrible advice.

4. You’re Working Out Right Before You Go To Sleep

It is a fact that near the time to go sleep, the temperature of your body begins to slowly but surely reduce. The reason for this scientifically speaking is to allow your body to get ready for sleep.

The fact is that exercising at any time of the day significantly increases the temperature of the body. So questions arise as to whether or not this affects the quality of sleep that a person gets. In fact to get to the bottom of this very question, there was a research study that was conducted to find out the effects of exercise prior to sleep both with the body temperature up and down.

The participants of the study actually ran for a period of 40 minutes at 75% of their max heart rate on two different occasions. The first time, the room temperature was increased which resulted in the body temperature of the individuals rising by an average of 2.4 degree Celsius.

The second time around the room temperature was decreased and it resulted in a 1.1 degree Celsius increase in temperature.

The results showed that when the body temperature rose by 2.4, the deep sleep stage of the individuals sleep was significantly increased.

When the temperature rose by 1.1, deep sleep remained the same as before. While at first it may seem that it is good to get your body temperature risen because of the benefits of getting more deep sleep. The reality is that having too much of a good thing may just not be good for you.

Those of you that want to remain healthy and fit in the long term should focus on getting an even distribution of sleep between the different cycles. Research has indicated that those that go with longer periods of deep sleep often struggle with issues such as lack of energy, feeling hungry constantly, and ultimately they put on a lot of weight.

It’s best to workout well before you sleep, however if the only free time you have to exercise is before bed, then I’d recommend that you have a little time afterwards where you can cool down before you sleep. Perhaps taking a cold shower is a good way to cool off quickly.

5. You’re Taking Vitamin D Tablets In The Evening

So far we have seen that the timing of the food we eat and the amount we expose ourselves to artificial light after dark ultimately effects the quality of sleep that we come to enjoy. The same is true for the timing of the vitamin D supplements that we take every single day.

Think about it… vitamin D tells the body that it is daytime because naturally during the day is when a person will be getting the maximum amount of vitamin D, via sunlight exposure.

If exposing ourselves to sunlight indicates to our bodies that it is indeed daytime, perhaps taking vitamin D supplements has the same sort of effect.

While there are no official studies that have been carried out on this subject, there are many cases out there of people who have seen a dramatic increase in the quality of sleep, when they changed the timing of taking vitamin D from evening to morning, or afternoon.

If you are doing everything else well but are still getting a lousy nights sleep then I’d recommend that you start to take Vitamin D in the morning or afternoon from now on.

6. You Don’t Have a Proper Nighttime Ritual

Having a proper nighttime ritual can make all the difference in the quality of sleep that you experience every single night.

All the parents out there will understand and know the importance of developing a proper nighttime sleeping routine with their child so that both the child and the parent can get in some quality sleep every single night. Believe me, if you lead a hectic life then I’d encourage you all to think about developing some sort of nighttime ritual to prepare yourself for a night of good slumber.

I personally found this really strange in the beginning but know that you will come to enjoy it, because it will help you relieve many of the stresses that you face on a day to day basis.

Life in the modern world is full of distraction and has a lot going on. Having a proper routine in place to relax before you sleep is a great way to increase the amount of quality sleep that you get. Just start to do this about an hour before you get into bed.

Whatever it takes to relax your mind, is what you need to be doing. For some it may be doing something like yoga, for others it may be reading a book but whatever it may happen to be, just do it to help your mind relax after a hectic day of activity.

Whatever happens to get you in a peaked relaxed state is what you need to be doing on a regular basis.

So there you go guys, I really hope these tips will help you enjoy a better more quality slumber from now. The higher the quality of sleep that you come to enjoy, the easier it will be to lose excess body fat.

Some Simple Exercises That Are Really Fun

Exercise9. Explore Your Local Neighborhood

Getting out there and walking your local neighborhood is a wonderful way to actually check out the best real estate in your area. On top of that you can get a really great workout, which will help clear your mind and relax you of all the stress that you experienced during the day.

Yes, after a while your own neighborhood may become boring so this is a good chance for you to get out and explore other surrounding areas. You can literally do this whenever you have a free moment in your schedule.

And don’t forget that you may find some real gems in terms of real estate in your local area.

8. Hike More Often

While a lot of you (like me) love to dedicate a whole day to actually getting out there and hiking the wilderness the vast majority of you just don’t have the time or the inclination to hike all day long.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a local hiking trail that you can go to every now and again. Often these are short and will get you all energetic afterwards. If you live in the inner city then a short brisk walk around your local park is a great alternative.

Believe me no only will you be getting an amazing workout but you will also be getting a good source of the much needed vitamin D.

If you really want to get healthy in the shortest possible time then I’d recommend you do a 20 minute hike as often as you possibly can. This will really get your body to get into great health really fast.

7. Play Some Beach Games

If you are lucky enough to be down at the beach then buy a few beach games such as Nerf balls, Frisbees and other fun sports equipment you can have some active fun with while you with your mates.

If you can get down to the beach every week, then pretty soon you will be having a ton of fun and you won’t even realise that you’re getting an amazing workout from throwing around a Frisbee.

Believe me the more you in grain into your mind the reality that exercise is something that can be extremely enjoyable and fun the more you are going to want to do it every single day.

6. Have Fun With Your Kids

Believe me one of life’s small pleasures is to have some good quality time with your children.

Toss a football about, go swimming at your local pool, have a little water balloon fight in your back garden, have a little pillow fight. Whatever you and the kids enjoy to do, just do it.

Believe me when you actively engage in some sort of activity with your kids you won’t even know but hours will pass and you will have got an intense workout from it.

5. Move The Furniture Around

Moving your furniture around is not only great for your physical health but it will refresh you mentally as well.

Now this isn’t something that you would engage in every single week but believe me doing it once it a while will put you in a better frame of mind mentally and help you get a great workout. Just try it and see for yourself.

When you are moving all the furniture around you are literally getting the same sort of workout that you would be getting if you were down at the gym lifting hard and heavy.

4. Walk Around The Local Shopping Mall

If you happen to want to go shopping or just love to window shop then this is a great way to get a quality workout in. All you need to do is take a pedometer with you and make sure that you walk at least 2-3 miles before coming home.

Often times I get emails from people asking me what are the most effective exercises they can perform and often these same people assume that exercise can only be hard and difficult to do.

The reality is quite different. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise that you can engage in and possibly one of the most natural.

3. Wash Your Cars

Why not have some quality family time once a week where you all get together and wash the cars. Scrubbing that car clean is a wonderful way to really get in a quality upper body workout in.

2. Create an Event Out Of Spring Cleaning

Is it that time of year where you are going to have to get up on the roof to really gives those drains a nice scrubbing? Well, why not actually create an event out of it and try to clean out as many drains as you possibly can. Not only will you be having a lot more fun but you will get a lot more work done.

You could even partner up with the people of your neighborhood where you can dedicate a few weekends to actually clearing and cleaning out everyone’s homes really thoroughly.

1. Walk and Explore Your Town/City

Do you have a really active and lively part of town or city where you live?

The reality is that most of us could really walk that much more, and you can definitely get more of this done while checking out all the best markets, shops and fun places to be. The bonus is that you can enjoy watching people when you’re out and about.

You see working out doesn’t have to be all hard and tough. I would rather be down at the beach having fun than working with weights down at the gym anyway!

What are your favorite ways of working out in a fun and engaging way? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to check out the Fat Loss Factor

How To Lose Belly Fat In a Week – Steps I’ve Taken To Lose Over 100lbs

If you’ve found this page by searching for ways on how to lose belly fat in a week, then you’re in the right place, because I’ve literally lost well over 100lbs of fat by following a simple 4 phase fat loss program… here are some pictures of the results I’ve achieved:

Before Implementing Fat Loss Factor

Before Implementing The Fat Loss Program

After Implementing Fat Loss Factor

After Implementing The Fat Loss Program – I’ve Lost over 100 Pounds with Fat Loss Factor. The picture you see is of me in my old clothes!

… but the truth is that these sorts of results only came about by following the program consistently for 6 months!

You would be crazy to expect to lose 100lbs of fat in just a week…

However the great news is that anyone out there can lose that ugly belly fat in a week, if they just apply the same fat loss program I used over the last few months.

So ultimately it doesn’t matter if just want to get rid of that belly fat or you actually want to keep going until you lose every inch of excess fat on your body… know that it is all possible if you just follow this simple fat loss program.

The bonus is that you aren’t going to have to go on one of those crazy ‘starve yourself to death‘ diets in order to lose the belly fat…

and you won’t have to get on a diet that forces you to just eat salads all the time either…

To get real life results the reality is a little different…

This specific weight loss program just requires that you follow a simple four phase plan… keep this up for a week and you will lose that belly fat.

Phase 1: Natural Foods
Phase 2: The Cleanse
Phase 3: The Smoothie Plan
Phase 4: Lifestyle Un – Diet

My wife followed phase 2 for just a week and managed to get rid of that little gut she had… and I followed all four phases to lose well over 100lbs of fat and counting.

So ultimately whether you just want to shed the excess belly fat or just get rid of that muffin top all you need to do is follow this simple weight loss program that goes by the name of Fat Loss Factor.

The truth is that we’re all really busy people, trying to get as many things done as possible and that is why Fat Loss Factor is such an amazing program.

The great thing is that the program absolutely understands and appreciates the fact that most people live busy lives and don’t have the time or inclination to follow a complicated program regardless of how effective it may be.

My wife and I both juggle having full time jobs along with the responsibility of having to look after two kids and all of this takes up most of our time.

So trying to lose weight and get into shape really wasn’t possible because most of the programs that we looked into required a lot of time and effort to implement.

So when one of our friends introduced us to the Fat Loss Factor program, we really weren’t confident in it actually working for us.

But given that it didn’t take much time to implement my wife gave it a shot and literally lost all her belly fat within a week… seeing this I quickly jumped on board.

After a few months of following the program, I had literally lost over a 100lbs of fat, and the best part was that I had only implemented the diet section of the program :)

I hadn’t even looked at the exercise part…

The best thing is that if you follow the steps as given in the Fat Loss Factor, you’ll never want to go back to your old way of life.

On top of this, you will feel full of energy and life every single day.

My wife and kids are amazed at how full of energy I am all the time.

Often times I’ll be running around, playing with my kids and they will want to stop and take a break well before I do…

Having this sort of energy feels really great and it wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance of Fat Loss Factor.

So if you’re serious about learning how to lose belly fat in a week, then the first thing I’d do is stop trying to find an overnight solution.

Instead just follow the advice as it is laid out in Fat Loss Factor and believe me, you will very easily be able to lose all that belly fat in just a week.

My Wife and I have done it… isn’t it time you did too?

All the best,

Sergio Neuroice.

Find me over at Google+ and Twitter

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