The World’s Largest Diet Scams

Diet ScamsAfter personally having gone through some of the world’s most popular diet scams, before finally hitting upon a solution that gave me real results (Fat Loss Factor), I know how much pain a person can go through, when they put their trust in a weight loss program only to never get the results that they were promised.

With Fat Loss Factor I finally came to the realization that losing weight wasn’t easy and that there were no such things as overnight successes. The key to losing weight is following a real diet plan that is full of healthy and nutritious foods and working out on a regular basis. Simple, hard but extremely effective.

But imagine if someone was offering you the dream of never having to eat healthy foods or exercise a day in your life and still be able to get into the best shape of your life?

Now while you and I may finally have realized that there is no shortcut on the path to losing weight there are millions of people out there that fall for these scams every single day, thinking that they will get amazing results if they put in the work.

So here are some of the world’s largest diet scams, some of which I fell for too:

1. Fat/Carb Blocking Pills

Are you in the mood for a plate of pasta, covered with some thick cheese? Well, now you can eat all you want because all you need to do is pop a pill and all your worries are gone!

But wait on a minute that is just a lie that the maker of these so called fat/carb blocking pills will want you to believe.

The most popular of these types of pills is one that goes by the name of Alli, which tells you that it will prevent your body from absorbing any fat by giving you things such as severe stomach cramps, chronic gas, persistent diarrhea. You will be amazed that all of these side effects are included in their marketing campaign, where they recommend that you actually remain patient until your body warms up to the chemicals that are in the pill.

Well, you may be wondering whether these side effects are worth it. Truth be told, no. Simply because there is no evidence that these kinds of pills actually help a person to lose and keep off fat for long periods of time.

2. Kimkins Diet

Yes, on the surface this diet looks truly amazing. It’s based on the extremely famous diet known as the Atkins diet, but not only do you reduce the amount of carbs you eat but also the amount of fat, fiber and overall calories.

So if you literally have to reduce every aspect of your diet then what on earth are you going to be left to eat? The truth is not too much. Believe me the meal portions that are recommended on this diet are close to starvation level which is no way to go if you actually want to lose weight.

To add to the scam of this insane diet is the fact that the woman who created this diet has never revealed who she actually is. Reports claim that this woman has no health related credentials and instead of stopping people from continuing on with this terribly unsafe diet, she has continued to sell the idea that people will lose weight if they keep eating dangerously low portions of food.

And those so called success stories that you will find on their site? Well, you will be amazed to know that all of them are just pictures of random Russian mail order brides…. ha!

3. Herbal Weight Loss Teas

There are a lot of people out there that claim that you can lose the vast majority of your excess body fat simply by drinking things such as green tea. The reality is that it can be true for a short period of time.

The reason is that drinks such as green tea contain caffeine in them, which is one of the most power natural diuretics that you can get. So you may think you are losing weight when you get on those scales but the reality is quite different. You will gain all that weight back once you drink a glass or two of water.

The only time drinks such as green tea will help you lose weight is if they are a replacement for high calorie, sugary drinks such as coke.

4. Diet Patches

Yes, there is some evidence which suggests that tobacco patches actually work, but no evidence to suggest that diet patches work.

Essentially these patches are about as useless as the pills I’ve mentioned above, with there being zero evidence that these so called chemicals that help you to lose weight will even penetrate through the skin.

Don’t waste your time or money with this useless weight loss gimmick.

5. Body Wraps / Sauna Suits

There are some crazy people out there that really want to get everything that they can out of a workout session. Even going as far as wearing a silly suit in the pursuit of trying to lose weight. The only kind of weight that you will ever lose with these kinds of suits is water weight.

So believe me, while you may lose a little water weight by putting on one of these suits, the reality is that you will put that weight right back on the moment you drink a few glasses of water.

So there you have it, some of the most common and ridiculous scams out there that claim to help you lose weight.

If you are at all serious about losing weight and keeping it off, I’d recommend the only program that bought about real results for me. I lost over 100lbs and counting with a program called Fat Loss Factor. Check it out if you want.

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